How To Use Bagaruwa Seed For Tightening

If you’re experiencing problems with your sexual or reproductive health, Bagaruwa seed is the remedy for you… particularly in the part of the infection, irregular periods, a terrible odour down there, and an overly open feeling?

Bagaruwa seed herb has been used by women in the northern part of Nigeria, and now in the southwestern region, for ages to restore their dignity.

Acacia is its English name.

It’s mostly used by postpartum women, women who have an infection, or ladies who feel “too open,” if you know what I mean.

How To Use Bagaruwa Seeds

The seeds are cleaned, crushed, and cooked with a tiny quantity of cloves added, then allowed to cool enough to sit in the bath for steaming. To prevent burns, the water should not be overly hot.

Sit on it for at least 20 to 30 minutes. With consistent practice, it aids in tightness. It also aids in the treatment of infections of the reproductive tract.

Bagaruwa Seed Benefits (From Steaming and Sit bathing)

Some of the advantages of Bagaruwa seed for steaming and sitting bathing are listed below.

  • bloating, cramps, tiredness, and heavy flow are just a few of the menstruation symptoms that may be reduced.
  • increasing the fertility of women
  • encouraging postpartum recovery
  • lowering stress levels
  • Haemorrhoids are treated and relieved in this way.
  • boosting energy and lowering weariness
  • headache treatment
  • It’s possible that this will aid in the restoration of vaginal PH.
  • decreases post-vaginal delivery inflammation and scarring

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Is it okay to drink Bagaruwa water?

No! please don’t try it.  Bagaruwa water should not be swallowed in any manner. Bagaruwa plant is boiled with other herbs, such as cloves, and the water is then used in sits baths by ladies who seek to tighten their inner skin…

Bagaruwa water should only be used for sitz baths and not for drinking due to the risk of negative effects. Be careful!

Northern Nigerian women have been using Bagaruwa Tightening Herb after delivery for decades. The birth canal should be tightened, toned, restored, and healed as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, it returns the “birth canal” to its pre-birth state.

To accomplish this:

  • The seeds are rinsed, crushed, and then cooked in water for 10 minutes. The liquid is then placed into a sitz bath.
  •  The female must then wait until the temperature has dropped to a safe level. Before totally submerging in the heated herbal combination for 15 to 30 minutes.

Other Health Benefits of Bagaruwa (Acacia) for Women

۱. Helps with weight loss

Acacia/Bagaruwa is also known to help people lose weight since it includes a high amount of fibre that fills the stomach. It goes without saying that when you feel content and full in your stomach, you are less prone to snack, which helps you lose weight or treat obesity.

۲. It helps those with diabetes.

Foods high in dietary fibre, on the other hand, are known to assist individuals with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar levels. As a result, people who eat meals with additional Bagaruwa or Acacia may increase their daily fibre intake, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

۳. It strengthens the immune system

Acacia extract improves the immunological system of the body. Acacia extract is also known to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. As a result, cancer patients may be able to remain healthier and stronger during their therapy.

۴. Helps with a sore throat

Bagaruwa/ Acacia has also been shown to help with the symptoms of a sore throat. It’s a demulcent or a chemical that forms a protective film over the mouth’s mucous membranes to prevent irritation.

۵. Benefits to the Digestive System

Fibre-rich foods help to relieve constipation and stomach aches and pains. Bagaruwa/ Acacia includes a lot of fibre, which is good for your digestive system. According to studies, yoghurt with additional Acacia fibre is more helpful in reducing Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms.

۶. Cleanse Your Body System

Bagaruwa/Acacia is also known to be utilised as a component in complete body detox or cleaning methods. Because of its high fibre content, acacia is beneficial for bodily cleaning.

۷. Removes plaque from teeth

Chewing acacia gum for many days is more effective than chewing sugar-free gum in reducing tooth plaque. Plaque may also be reduced by using a gel containing acacia and other substances after brushing for 6 weeks.

Side effects of using Bagaruwa

It’s safe and natural since it’s made entirely of natural herbs. However, if not used correctly and according to directions, it might cause burns down there.

Steaming with Bagaruwa might occasionally bring the illness you’re trying to avoid or cure, particularly candidiasis, a yeast infection.

If a woman is pregnant, vaginal steaming with Bagaruwa might be harmful. This is due to the possibility that the steam combined with the Bagaruwa might harm the developing baby, resulting in miscarriage, pregnancy loss, or early birth.


The vaginal canal is a self-cleaning organ that regulates pH levels on a regular basis. Additional vaginal health measures, such as vaginal steaming or douching with Bagaruwa and other herbs, are not required.

The greatest approach to maintaining the vagina healthily is to keep it clean, dry, and devoid of scents. As a result, most individuals should avoid boiling Bagaruwa, cloves, or any other herb.

If they do attempt it, they should proceed with utmost care to avoid burns and infections.

Leave a comment if you’ve used this herb previously and what your results were.