۵ Lose Belly Fat Affiliate Programs That Favours Nigerians 2022

Prepare to enrich your pocket while also assisting others in losing weight. Examine some of the best weight reduction affiliate programmes available.

At some point in their life, almost everyone wishes to lose weight. You’ve either started or are planning to start a weight loss blog.

Use these fantastic affiliate networks to supplement your revenue from all of your hard work.

It’s time to add some more amazing affiliate programmes to your site. We’ll take a look at one of the most popular evergreen blogging themes, Weight Loss.

It’s a huge niche, and we’ve got ten affiliate programmes to look at. Is one of them the best-paying weight-loss affiliate scheme in the industry?

Remember that these are only 10 of the many options available; there are literally hundreds to pick from. We’ll go through them in more detail in subsequent articles.

So, for the time being, let’s look at these programmes and see which ones could be able to assist your site produces some online revenue.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these affiliate programmes are part of different affiliate networks. To receive access to specific programmes, sign up for the networks.

Lose Belly Fat Affiliate Programs

  1. Absorb Health Affiliate Program
  2. Cooking Light Diet Affiliate Program
  3. Balance by Bistro MD Affiliate Program
  4. Flat Tummy Affiliate Program
  5. Doctor’s Best Weight Loss Affiliate Program

۱. Absorb Health Affiliate Program

Absorb Health is a health and dietary supplement company. They offer their own branded supplement line with a vast and diverse assortment of supplements covering every aspect of wellbeing.

Their excellent selection of goods includes brain support, joint wellness, essential oils, and much more. Of course, all of these things are excellent for affiliate marketers.

A blogger could easily develop a lot of material from each product category, or even individual product reviews, though given the nature of the items, individual evaluations could be a bit of a stretch in terms of article length.

Comparative evaluations of comparable goods, on the other hand, would be an excellent approach to market Absorb Health products.

When we delve a little further, we discover that some of their best-selling goods are related to the weight loss and weight management categories. Along with sexual health and athletic performance, weight reduction blogs might readily develop in other fields.

Overall, the product selection is excellent. They will provide a blogger with a lot of extra information and goods to advertise, as well as the opportunity to earn even more money via their affiliate network.

What’s their Commission Percentage?

On all purchases, Absorb Health pays a 20% commission. This is a respectable figure for a weight-loss supplement seller.

The retail side of things usually has a lesser commission, but the diet and weight loss plan side usually have a greater commission. It’s great to see Absorb Health recognising its affiliates’ efforts with this commission.

Tracking Cookie

Absorb Health provides affiliates with a 60-day cookie. It’s refreshing to find an affiliate programme that lasts longer than 30 days these days.

This offers a blogger’s readership plenty of time to decide on a purchase while still allowing the affiliate to profit from their efforts.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good affiliate programme to be a part of. Because it lacks the product depth and brand familiarity of several other weight reduction programmes, it’s probably best used as a secondary or tertiary affiliate programme.

A blog that focuses only on its goods may have a too limited appeal to be really lucrative.

۲. Cooking Light Diet Affiliate Program

Customers of Cooking Light Diet may sign up for a subscription-based meal plan. Through online consultation, meal plans are uniquely personalised to each individual.

They go through every detail of the meal plan with the client, including what foods and calorie consumption are required for a better lifestyle.

They provide a variety of diet regimens to choose from. Vegan, low-carb, gluten-free, and many more options are available.

They also offer programmes that account for any sensitivities that their customers may have. Because a blogger may adjust the message to their audience, this variety makes it simpler for them to advertise.

This is an intriguing affiliate scheme that a weight loss blogger should investigate more.

As an affiliate marketer, having a subscription-based programme is always beneficial. And because of the meal plan part of the programme, this one is intriguing.

However, a meal delivery business like this might be difficult to market at times. Something to think about if you’re thinking about promoting this affiliate partner.

The Commission Junction Affiliate Network is used by the Cooking Light Diet Affiliate Program.

What’s their Commission Percentage?

The commission rate is a rock-solid 20%. This is a large figure, particularly considering the recurrent nature of the subscription-based service provided by this affiliate. With such a big commission, it might make sense to advertise this affiliate on a weight loss site more regularly.

It is not, however, the main affiliate. They just don’t have a large enough product range to warrant spending so much time advertising it.

A few features every couple of months, on the other hand, should keep this affiliate fresh in your audience’s thoughts and bring in some nice profits.

Tracking Cookie

چهل و پنج-day cookie is available as part of the Cooking Light Diet programme. It’s wonderful to see that the tracking cookie is a bit above average.

Given the subscription structure of this affiliate scheme, the lengthier tracking cookie surely helps by allowing your audience a bit more time to determine whether they want to buy the product.

Final Thoughts

Another worthwhile affiliate programme to look at. This one seems to be an excellent complement to three or four other key programmes.

It will provide some material, but not enough to be the primary emphasis of a weight loss blog.

Of course, if a blogger’s audience adores their items and services, they may progress up the affiliate program’s ladder.

No one knows their target audience better than the blogger who writes for them on a daily basis.


۳. Balance by Bistro MD Affiliate Program

Balance by Bistro MD is a meal-planning service that focuses on weight reduction. They look after every detail of a person’s regular meals.

From picking ingredients to preparing meals to calculating calories and macronutrients, we’ve got you covered. These diet programmes are customised for each consumer.

They may be difficult to market, like with any mail-order dinners, since many people dislike the thought of having their food delivered unless it’s pizza.

While opinions around groceries and meal delivery are continually shifting, it should be seen as a restricted service for the time being.

The Commission Junction Affiliate Network offers the Balance by Bistro MD Affiliate Program.

What’s their Commission Percentage?

The commission rate at Balance by Bistro MD is about 7%. Even on this ranking, it’s not the lowest. But it’s not a large amount. It’s difficult to justify investing a lot of effort in promoting this affiliate programme when the prospective profits are so low.

Tracking Cookie

This affiliate programme provides a 120-day monitoring cookie, which is rather substantial. This somewhat compensates for the lower-than-average commission. It’s an excellent tracking cookie.

۴ months will provide ample time for any consumer to make a choice regarding the items while also allowing the affiliate to earn a commission.

Final Thoughts

Another smack in the face for the typical affiliate scheme. The cookie is excellent, but the items are ordinary and may be difficult to sell.

The commission is a little lower than we’d want. When you’ve exhausted all of your other options, advertise this affiliate. As a result, you could miss this one.


۴. Flat Tummy Affiliate Program

Flat Tummy has a wide range of shakes, cleanses, detoxes, and lollipops to choose from. They’re all part of meal programmes designed to help you lose weight in your stomach.

They cater to all sorts of ladies and have a very open approach toward all women. This affiliate scheme would be ideal for a weight reduction blog that focuses on women’s weight difficulties.

The disadvantage is that they have a restricted number of items. There are just a few distinct products available, as well as bundles of those items.

Most of their items, however, come with a subscription option. For an affiliate marketer, it’s always good to see.

What’s their Commission Percentage?

Flat Tummy has a two-tiered commission structure. An affiliate will get a 20% compensation for any purchases made by consumers who are new to the Flat Tummy shop. The commission is reduced to 5% for repeat clients. So there’s a tiny bit of good mixed in with the terrible.

Although initial commission rates are not uncommon, they are uncommon in most areas.

Because the commission on returning customers is generally substantially smaller, they lessen the total value of the affiliate programme. A flat 10% increase across the board would be a better solution.

Tracking Cookie

A rather ordinary cookie. That’s right, it’s our old pal the 30-day challenge. A cookie that tracks your activity for 30 days. It’s neither good nor terrible. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Final Thoughts

This programme suffers from a lack of product variety. The average monitoring cookie duration is ineffective, and the two-tiered commission system is unnecessary.

It does, however, contain some intriguing items and might be a good affiliate programme to advertise on the side. It’s clear that this isn’t a key affiliate programme.


۵. Doctor’s Best Weight Loss Affiliate Program

Doctor’s Best Weight Loss is an online company that offers a wide range of weight loss and nutritional supplements.

They have their own brands, which is usually a plus in terms of an affiliate programme. A blogger with their own label has the opportunity to create a lot of unique material around the proprietary brands.

They sell an incredible lot of merchandise. This affiliate might easily become the main focus of a site.

They provide everything for every sort of diet, from healthy protein bars and shake mixes to speciality meals and snacks. Everything is covered, from vegan to keto.

There’s also a large range of different brands to pick from. Everything a diet and weight reduction blog may want to market to their readers is right here.

For a weight loss blogger to market, Doctors Best offers four key brands:

  • ProtiWise
  • NutriWise
  • Doctor’s Best Weight Loss
  • Doctor’s Best Premium Weight Loss

The ShareASale Affiliate Network is used by the Doctor’s Best Weight Loss Affiliate Program.

What’s their Commission Percentage?

Doctor’s Best Weight Loss pays a 10% commission to affiliate partners on purchases made via their website. Given the number and kind of things they offer, this is a terrific commission.

On Amazon, similar things would only fetch approximately 6%. When you add in the fantastic assortment of things, the programme is a certain way to make some substantial money.

The statistics on the ground support that as well.

  • The average retail price is $96.
  • The average commission paid is $36.
  • The EPC is a colossal $455.60.

For any marketer in the weight reduction area, this is an absolute must-have affiliate scheme. Or, in fact, any Health and Fitness-related speciality. It really is that fantastic.

The stated EPC from the ShareASale profile, on the other hand, seems to be absurdly high. I kept it there since that is what their profile says, and when a blogger signs up for ShareASale, they will be able to see it. Keep in mind that it might simply be a mistake.

Tracking Cookie

A typical seven-day cookie. Nothing spectacular, but adequate and, as previously indicated in these affiliate programme evaluations and ratings, much below the industry standard monitoring cookie length.

It is the single drawback in the whole affiliate scheme, and it isn’t even a drawback. It’s simply ordinary.

Final Thoughts

The affiliate programme to join if you’re in the weight-loss sector. It’s an incredible affiliate programme. This affiliate program’s goods and services might be the foundation of a blogger’s whole website.

Obviously, you’ll want to put in additional fitness programmes and comparable things from other affiliates to diversify your income.

But not at the price of the program’s promotion. If at all feasible, make it a priority and market their goods as much as you can.

If correctly played, some very remarkable rewards for time spent are in the cards. In the weight reduction category, this is one of the top paying affiliate partners.